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X-Small Ceramic Patterns Pot

3.500 JD

Material: Ceramic Pot height: 11.5CM Inside diameter: 10.5CM Fits x-small plants This pot doesn't have a drainage hole for the extra water, we recommend keeping the plant plastic pot to...

Gloss Oval Arrangement Plastic Planter

3.000 JD – 3.500 JD

Material: Plastic Pot Size Pot Height Width Length Small (3.25 Lt) 13CM 15.5CM 36CM Medium (4.4 Lt) 16.5CM 17CM 46CM No drainage holes, you can drill drainage holes if needed.

X-Small Self Watering Square Pot

5.000 JD

Transparent Plastic Automatic Watering Pot. For X-small plants.

Round Plastic Pot With Water Reservoir

3.500 JD – 10.000 JD

Material: Plastic. It has a water reservoir at the bottom. When the reservoir is full of water at a certain level, the excess water will come out from the bottom. A...

Hanging Ceramic Pot

1.000 JD – 3.000 JD

Inside diameter: 12CM (X-Small) Height: 40CM Material: Ceramic. (No drainage hole)

Plastic Oval Planter

4.000 JD

Material: Plastic Size: Small/Medium (4.7 Lt) Length: 29CM Width: 14CM Height: 15CM Color: White This pot has a water reservoir at the base. Drainage holes can be drilled.

White Steel Saucer

1.500 JD – 6.500 JD

For pots without saucers. Catch excess water with this steel dish. Small: 21CM Diameter. (Medium Plants)Large: 29CM Diameter. (Large Plants)

Gloss Round Plastic Pot With Water Reservoir

2.000 JD – 3.000 JD

Material: Plastic Pot Size Pot Height Diameter Small (1.9 Lt) 13CM 15CM Medium (4.4 Lt) 18.5CM 20CM It has a water reservoir at the bottom. When the reservoir is full of water at...

Steel Saucer/Dish

3.000 JD – 6.000 JD

Catch the excess water after watering your plants with this elegant white dish. Works with small, medium and large plants.

Plastic Hanging Basket Pot

5.000 JD3.000 JD

Good for medium size trailing plants.Pot height with hanger: 52CMPot diameter: 23CM The pot has drainage holes.

Woven Plant Storage Basket

5.000 JD

Dressup your pot with this basket. Don't add soil directly into the basket. Height: 20CM  Diameter: 21CM

Planter Hooks

0.250 JD – 0.500 JD

Plastic hooks for hanging pots. Height from 31CM to 45CM. Pot is not included.

Transparent Plastic Pot

3.000 JD

Material: Clear Plastic Size: Medium+ (5 Lt) Inside Diameter: 21CM Height: 19CM

X-Small Vintage Flower Vase

1.000 JD

Material: Glass Size: X-Small Height: 15CM Width: 9.5CM

Small Flower Bucket Pot

1.500 JD

Inside diameter: 12CM (Small) Pot height: 10CM Material: Metal Shop Small Plants ❯

Square Glass Cube

2.350 JD – 8.700 JD

Glass vase square shape. Vase Size Vase Height  Width X-Small 9.5CM 9.5CM Medium 15CM 15CM

Round Glass Bowl Vase

2.000 JD – 16.000 JD

Size Height Diameter X-Small 9CM 11CM Large 26CM 32CM

Glazed Ceramic Pot

1.000 JD – 4.500 JD

Inside diameter: 9 cm (XS) – 12 cm (S) Material: Earthenware

Small Bonsai Pot

5.000 JD – 9.500 JD

Width: 15x11CM Height: 6CM Material: Ceramic (With drainage hole) The pot shape might look different, ask us to send pictures.

Plastic Square Pot

2.000 JD – 3.000 JD

 Material: Plastic. *No drainage holes. It has a water reservoir at the bottom for the excess water. Pot Size Pot Height  Inside Diameter Small (1.8 Lt) 14CM 14CM Medium (5.6 Lt) 18CM...

Plastic Nursery Pots (Used)

0.050 JD – 0.750 JD

You can place your nursery pot inside of a larger container or remove it to plant directly. This option is for the bare plant in its nursery plastic grow pot. It is...

Sand Relief Pot

1.250 JD – 9.000 JD

The harmonious combination of sand colors with natural relief. Material: Ceramic This pot doesn't have a drainage hole for the extra water, we recommend keeping the plant plastic pot to...

Knitted Pattern Pot

2.000 JD – 7.000 JD

Material: Plastic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Plant Fit Mini 0.13L 6CM 7CM Mini size plants Medium 2.5L 16CM 15CM Small to Medium size plants Medium+ 5L 21CM  19CM Medium+ size plants...

Self-Watering Hydroponic Grow Pot

0.250 JD – 0.750 JD

A plastic mesh net pot with a cotton wick absorbs water from the container's bottom. -- These basket pots work with many types of media, such as hydroponics or soil-based,...

Seed Starting Tray

3.000 JD – 4.000 JD

Starting Trays for Planting Seedlings, Propagation, Germination Plugs. Material: PS / PVC

Hanging Steel Pot

3.000 JD

Inside diameter: 12 CM (Small) Height: 20 CM Material: Steel. (No drainage hole)

White Steel Flower Pot

2.500 JD – 5.000 JD

Inside diameter: (XS: 9CM) - (S: 12CM) Material: Steel

Clear Plastic Saucer Dish

2.250 JD – 3.000 JD

Catch excess water when watering your plants. Always discard any access water in the saucer. Material: PET Clear Plastic Diameter Height  Fit 20CM 3.5CM Small to medium plants Small 4.5CM Medium...

Round Cylinder Glass Vase

6.000 JD

Diameter: 18 CM Height: 15 CM Material: Glass

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