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Seed Starting Tray

3.000 JD – 4.000 JD

Starting Trays for Planting Seedlings, Propagation, Germination Plugs. Material: PS / PVC

Floral Foam Brick (1PC)

1.000 JD0.400 JD

Maintain the moisture of the flower, securely hold the thickest of stems. Have low drainage, Quick saturation & visible cutting lines. Soaking instructions: Free float, keep imprint side up until...

Natural River Rocks Un-Polished Pebbles (2KG)

3.000 JD

Choose from multiple size, A, B, C. Each bag is 2KG.You can choose natural river rocks to decorate the potted plants in your garden in order to make a beautiful...

Hanging Fly Trap Sticky Ball

3.500 JD

Sticky ball insect trap. 7x7cm (1PCS)

Self-Watering Hydroponic Grow Pot

0.250 JD – 0.750 JD

A plastic mesh net pot with a cotton wick absorbs water from the container's bottom. -- These basket pots work with many types of media, such as hydroponics or soil-based,...

20-20-20 General Purpose Fertilizer

1.500 JD – 7.500 JD

Water soluble powder fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 General Purpose formula made in USA is designed for application with any sprayer, injector, or proportioned. Nitrogen helps to promote vegetative growth, while phosphorous and potassium...

Plastic Nursery Pots (Used)

0.050 JD – 0.750 JD

You can place your nursery pot inside of a larger container or remove it to plant directly. This option is for the bare plant in its nursery plastic grow pot. It is...

Rat & Mouse Glue Trap (1PC)

5.950 JD

1 Trap glue board, non-toxic, ready to use.Size: 33X21CM Instruction are on the back of the product.

Water pH Regulator (30ml)

2.800 JD2.000 JD

The Water pH Regulator is a simple and effective solution to adjust (lower) the pH levels of your water to increase acidity. Quantity: 1 Bottle 30mlIt comes in a liquid form...

Sea Kelp Extract 8-6-8 (30ml)

3.000 JD

Sea kelp extract is a natural source of micronutrients and trace elements, and it can help improve soil structure, stimulate microbial activity, and increase plant resistance to stress. It is...

Vilmorin Purslane Seeds (Leaf Gold)

3.750 JD

The purslane herb has red stems and fleshy, green leaves. 3 Gramsفرفحين/ بقلة A stocky plant produces numerous large, golden leaves with a sweet flavor. These leaves are eaten raw in salads,...

Pepper Yolo Wonder Seeds

2.500 JD

Mid-early Vigorous plant of good production which produces large meaty sweet four lobed fruits which are intensely green and mature red. 1 Pack/1.5G You can use Peat Moss or Universal Potting Soil to plant the seeds.

Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer 30ml

3.000 JD

The all-in-one liquid fertilizer for hydroponics, all additives needed for plants & crops. Dropper Bottle: 30ml This compound contains all the zero and major elements and other additives to meet...

Picking Lettuce Seeds

4.500 JD

Picking Lettuce Seeds are an excellent tasting variety with finely serrated, red leaves which don't form a head. Grown all year round. The leaves of picking lettuce are harvested just above...

Plastic Net Pot

0.550 JD

Mesh grow pot for hydroponic systems and for growing in soil. Size: X-Small Height: 9CM Top diameter: 10CM Material: Plastic - Polyethylene mesh (PE) Color: Black

Plant Holder Tray (Used)

0.250 JD

You can use this plastic tray to store plants and to easily move around multiple plants. These trays are used, not new. You might get broken corners. Size and color will...

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