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Insect Fly Sticky Glue Trap (10PCS)

7.750 JOD

This sticky paper fly trap size is perfect for outdoors and greenhouses.  Length 24CM - Width 17 Set of 10 pcs. Poison free, non-toxic. Attracts and kills greenhouse aphids including...

Hydrogel Super Absorbent Polymer for Agriculture

from 3.000 JOD

Chemtex Alsta Hydrogel polymer is a potassium polyacrylate-based hydrogel polymer absorbing about 300 – 500 times water of its own weight, non-toxic and biodegradable, mandated to be beneficial for farmers...

Vilmorin Tomato Seeds

3.500 JOD

The Tomato "Moneymaker" (Solanum Lycopersicum) is an early productive and vigorous variety with bright red, smooth and around fruit.For good development of the fruit and an early harvest, keep the...

Arlita Gris Clay

2.250 JOD

Round expanded clay of different sizes. Arlita, also called expanded clay, tripolite or leca, is a ceramic aggregate that weighs very little. With a granulometry between 5 and 16mm. it...

Crushed Lava Rocks

2.000 JOD

These fine-grade rocks can be used for decoration and to retain moisture for the soil, they also can be placed at the bottom of the pot to collect excess water...

Bamboo Stick

1.900 JOD

Bamboo sticks are used to support plants when required. The stick is 2.1 meters and can be cut to the desired height.

Pepper Yolo Wonder Seeds

3.000 JOD2.500 JOD

Mid-early Vigorous plant of good production which produces large meaty sweet four lobed fruits which are intensely green and mature red. 1 Pack/1.5G You can use Universal Potting Mix to plant the seeds.

Romaine Lettuce Seeds

3.000 JOD2.500 JOD

Romaine Lettuce Bionda Degli Ortolani Mid-early large upright head. Consistent, blond-red color leaves with crunchy rib. Used especially in caesar salads. You can use Universal Potting Mix to plant the seeds.

Everlasting Strawflower Seeds

3.000 JOD2.500 JOD

The Everlasting flower (Helichrysum bracteatum) is also known as strawflowers. This is a mix of brightly colored, double flowers about 2 inches across. Long stems make them suitable for cutting...

Aster Princess Multicolor Flower Seeds

3.000 JOD2.500 JOD

An annual plant grows up to 50CM tall, upright and compact. Produces lots of flowers and it is easy to cultivate. Suitable for flower beds and cut flowers. 1 Pack/2G You...

Daisy Carinatum Multicolor Flower Seeds

3.000 JOD2.500 JOD

The annual plant grows up to 70CM, resistant to low temperatures. Produces lots of multicolor flowers. Ideal for vases or drying. 1Pack/2GYou can use Universal Potting Mix to plant the seeds.

Spinach Seeds

3.000 JOD

Spinach Matador seeds mid-early, compact plant with vigorous growth habit. Rounded leaves with slight blistering. 13g

Sweet Corn Seeds

3.000 JOD

Sweet Corn Zuccherino. This vigorous, productive mid-early plant can reach 150-180 CM in height. Its sweet bobs are about 22 CM long and should be picked before fully ripe. Approximate...

Cat Grass Seeds

5.000 JOD4.000 JOD

A treat for cats and dogs to help satisfy their craving for greens and to leave your houseplants in peace. (1 Pack/30g) Cat grass is an indispensable food supplement for...

Artificial Green Moss Decoration

1.500 JOD

This fake moss does not require watering and is not live. Preserved Moss is perfect for adding detail to floral arrangements and wreaths. Also suitable for other crafts and hobbies. 1 Small bag...

Drift Wood Sticks

5.000 JOD4.500 JOD

Quantity: 20-30 PCS Length: 10-20 CM Drift wood sticks for DYI projects and decorations.Not treated for aquariums.

Fly Trap Stakes

5.000 JOD

5PCS Insect Catcher for White Flies, Mosquitos, Fungus Gnats, Flying Insects.

Coco Coir Pole

from 6.000 JOD

Coco Fiber Poles are made from coir fiber wrapped on PVC tubes used to support indoor and outdoor plants. Coco Fibre helps retain moisture for the growing climber's plants. These stick poles...

Chives Seeds

3.000 JOD2.900 JOD

Cippolina - chives. Tasty tender onion flavor. Perennial. Easy to grow. Just direct seed in spring, space 1 inch apart. Harvest all summer. Great in salads or for garnish for...


from 2.500 JOD

Perlite help in developing strong roots and preventing soil compaction. Improves drainage and aeration when it's mixed in potting soil. Perlite is made of expanded volcanic rocks/glass.

River Rocks (Pebbles)

3.000 JOD

Decorative Pebbles can be used indoors and outdoors to cover the soil or for better drainage. 2KG bag contains around 15 rocks. The rocks vary in shades and sizes.

Coco Peat (Coconut Coir)

from 3.500 JOD

Coco coir is an ideal growing medium because it holds water exceptionally well while still promoting good drainage and aeration.Coco Peat is made of dehydrated coconut coir, it is 100%...

Miracle-Gro® Rose & Shrub Fast Acting Granules

12.000 JOD

Stimulates growth and flowering as well as root formation. Rich in essential nutrients with extra iron for greener leaves. Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub Concentrated Liquid Plant FoodMiracle-Gro’s famous plant food...

Miracle-Gro® Pour & Feed Ready To Use Liquid Plant Food

15.500 JOD

This ready-to-use plant food is applied directly to the soil—no mixing with water is required. The special bio-stimulant works as a natural super food for your plants, ensuring they grow healthy...

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