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3 Cactus Pin

3.000 JOD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers friends. (3 Pins) 2*2 CM

3 Layer Macrame Mini Plant Hanger

7.450 JOD

This hanger fits mini air plants.Height: 90CMCircles Diameter: 6CMPlant & pot are not included.

4 Woven Macrame Plant Hangers

19.000 JOD

These hangers fit small plants. (4 PCS)Height: 45-100CMPlant & pot are not included.

6 Grid Plant Grow Bag

11.000 JOD

40x60CMSmall Wall hanging grow bag.

Aloe Vera Pin

2.000 JOD

Perfect gift for plant lovers. 2x3CM

Basil Seeds

3.000 JOD

Grow fresh, fragrant Basil plant indoors and outdoors. 6g The ideal windowsill herb, perfect for containers. -- You can use Universal Potting Mix to plant the seeds.

Basket Pot

30.000 JOD

Inside diameter: 24CM Pot height: 31CM Material: Plastic *A plastic inner pot.

Boston Fern

from 8.000 JOD

Boston ferns are popular houseplants for over a hundred years. -- Common names: Sword fern, Nephrolepis exaltata. They need a warm place with high humidity and indirect bright light. Mist...

Brass Steel Pot

from 3.000 JOD

Material: Galvanized steel Size Pot Diameter Pot Height X-Small 9CM  9CM Small 12CM 12CM Medium+ 19CM 20CM This pot doesn't have a drainage hole for the extra water, we recommend...

Brown Plastic Pot With Saucer

from 5.500 JOD

Material: Plastic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Large 25CM 20CM X-Large 32CM 28CM

Cactus Pin

2.500 JOD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers' friends. (1 Pin)2*2.5 CM

Calathea Musaica

from 17.000 JOD

Glossy foliage with a green "mosaic" pattern that may seem unreal at first. -- Other names: Network Plant. A beautiful evergreen species of Calathea with amazing leaf patterns resembling tiny mosaics....

Caramel Ceramic Pot

10.000 JOD

Material: Ceramic. No drainage hole  This pot doesn't have a drainage hole for the extra water, we recommend keeping the plant plastic pot to remove the excess water easily.

Cat Grass (Seeds)

3.000 JOD

A treat for cats and dogs to help satisfy their craving for greens and to leave your houseplants in peace. (1 Pack) Cat grass is a type of cereal grass...

Ceramic Patterns Pot

from 4.000 JOD

Material: Ceramic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Plant Fit Mini 9CM 9CM Mini size plants X-Small 10CM 10CM Small 12CM  12CM Medium 13CM 14CM Medium size plants Medium+ 15CM 14CM...

Ceramic Pots With Saucer

from 7.000 JOD

Inside diameter: 16 CM (Medium) - 12CM (Small) - 10CM (X-Small) Height: 14CM (Medium) - 11CM (Small) - 9CM (X-Small) Material: Ceramic. (With drainage hole)

Chamaedorea Elegans

from 5.000 JOD

Also known as Parlour palm, it thrives in home and office where other plants may struggle. An excellent air purifier and safe for your cats and dogs. -- Common names:...

Chinese Money Plant

from 4.000 JOD

Pilea is known for its bright green, coin-shaped leaves. -- Common Names: Pilea Peperomioides, Friendship Plant, pancake plant, or UFO plant. Light: Bright Indirect Water: Medium Temperature: Average Humidity: Average...

Chives Seeds

3.000 JOD2.900 JOD

Cippolina - chives. Tasty tender onion flavor. Perennial. Easy to grow. Just direct seed in spring, space 1 inch apart. Harvest all summer. Great in salads or for garnish for...

Clay Pebbles

from 3.500 JOD

Clay Pebbles works as aeration stones promote healthy root growth by creating air pockets in the soil and absorbing excess water in the basin of your planter. These porous clay...

Coco Coir Pole

from 6.000 JOD

Coco Fiber Poles are made from coir fiber wrapped on PVC tubes used to support indoor and outdoor plants. Coco Fibre helps retain moisture for the growing climber's plants. These stick poles...

Coco Peat (Coconut Coir)

from 3.500 JOD

Coco coir is an ideal growing medium because it holds water exceptionally well while still promoting good drainage and aeration.Coco Peat is made of dehydrated coconut coir, it is 100%...

Concrete Saucer

from 4.000 JOD

Catch the excess water with this natural saucer. The saucer has a soft pad underneath that protects the underlying surface from scratches and moisture. Works with small, medium, and large...

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