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100W LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants

30.000 JD

This LED grow light bulb is made of reliable and reusable aluminum material with quick heat radiation. It simulates sunlight with a full spectrum design, including balanced red and blue...

20-20-20 General Purpose Fertilizer

2.000 JD

Water soluble powder fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 General Purpose formula made in USA is designed for application with any sprayer, injector, or proportioned. Nitrogen helps to promote vegetative growth, while phosphorous and potassium...

3 Layer Macrame Mini Plant Hanger

7.450 JD

This hanger fits mini air plants.Height: 90CMCircles Diameter: 6CMPlant & pot are not included.

3-In-1 Soil Moisture Meter

23.000 JD

STOCKER 3-in-1 measuring instrument for: Humidity/moisture value for root-zone Soil pH value Light intensity of position (Outdoors) Insert the tester into the soil and read values immediately. Ideal for house/office...

30 PCS Label Stake

2.750 JD

30 Plant Labels White Plastic Waterproof Garden Tags Markers for Nursery Gardening Plant Name Tag

3D Birthday Greeting Card

2.800 JD

Add this 3D Birthday Cake Greeting Card & 1pc Envelope to your gift orders.

3D Love Heart Shape Foil Balloon (Uninflated)

3.000 JD

Package contains 1 uninflated heart shape Love you foil balloon with 2 attachments of LOVE foil balloon which gives the balloon a 3D look. 60X64 CMYou will get 1 pack unblown...

Alocasia Polly

16.000 JD – 38.000 JD

One of the most striking foliage in the houseplant world. Alocasia are stunning tropical plants with arrowhead-shaped leaves. Size: MediumPot diameter: 17CMPlant height: 50CM-- Other names: African Mask Plant. The...

Aloe Vera Pin

2.000 JD1.500 JD

Perfect gift for plant lovers. 2x3CM

Anthurium Red

9.000 JD – 20.000 JD

Anthuriums are flowering plants with lovely colors. ✓ Available on pre-order  --   Common names: Flamingo plant, Laceleaf. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, the Flamingo Lily was incredibly...

Anti-Weed Garden Floor Protection Fleece Cloth

13.000 JD

Weed control non-woven mulching felt.Size: 5 X 1.5 Meters Prevents the appearance of weeds. Can be cut to the desired dimensions. Can be used as a garden path. Clear the...

Aquarium Gravel Fish Tank Water Cleaner

4.000 JD

1PC Aquarium Water Changer Device Length: 160CMMaterial: Plastic

Arlita Gris Clay

2.000 JD

Round expanded clay of different sizes. Arlita, also called expanded clay, tripolite or leca, is a ceramic aggregate that weighs very little. With a granulometry between 5 and 16mm. it...

Artificial Green Moss Decoration

1.500 JD

This fake moss does not require watering and is not live. Preserved Moss is perfect for adding detail to floral arrangements and wreaths. Also suitable for other crafts and hobbies. 1 Small bag...

Artificial Leaf Branch

3.500 JD

1 Pc artificial leaf branch. Height: 84CMMaterial: Polyester

Artificial White Orchid

30.000 JD

This plastic Orchid plant is potted in a white ceramic pot. Features 2 full-size, life-like stems adorned with lush green leaves, bulbs, and blooming petals for added aesthetic appeal. Height:...

Aster Princess Multicolor Flower Seeds

2.500 JD

An annual plant grows up to 50CM tall, upright and compact. Produces lots of flowers and it is easy to cultivate. Suitable for flower beds and cut flowers. 1 Pack/2G You...

Baby Meadow Spikemoss

3.500 JD – 6.200 JD

Compact houseplant, known as Meadow Spikemoss, with an array of small green leaves. Its bushy, rounded shape is ideal for terrarium projects.Other names: Selaginella Apoda, fern. Plant Size Plant Height ±  Pot...

Bamboo Stick

1.000 JD – 1.900 JD

Bamboo sticks are used to support plants when required.The available sticks are 2.1 meters or 1 meter and can be cut to the desired height.

Basil Seeds

2.500 JD

Grow fresh, fragrant Basil plant indoors and outdoors. 6g The ideal windowsill herb, perfect for containers. -- You can use Peat Moss or Universal Potting Soil to plant the seeds.

Biodegradable Eco Friendly Mini Pots (1 PCS)

0.250 JD

These eco-friendly mini cups are perfect for seedlings & seed starter nursery pots.Pot size: miniPot height: 5CMTop diameter: 6CM

Black Glazed Cylinder Ceramic Pots Set

6.000 JD – 26.000 JD

Set of 3 planters with saucers. Can be bought as separate pots. Material: Ceramic The pot has a drainage hole.*Plants are not included. Pot Size Pot Height  Inside Diameter X-Small 14CM 10.5CM...

Brass Steel Pot

3.000 JD – 10.000 JD

Material: Galvanized steel Size Pot Diameter Pot Height X-Small 9CM  9CM Small 12CM 12CM Medium+ 19CM 20CM This pot doesn't have a drainage hole for the extra water, we recommend...

Brown Plastic Pot With Saucer

3.000 JD – 5.000 JD

Material: Plastic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Large 25CM 20CM X-Large 32CM 28CM

Cable Organizer 6PCS

2.400 JD

Fastening Cable Ties Straps. 6 Pcs

Cactus Pin

2.500 JD2.000 JD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers' friends. (1 Pin)2*2.5 CM

Calathea Rattlesnake

8.000 JD – 43.000 JD

The Calathea Rattlesnake has long wavy green leaves with a pattern resembling reptile skin, and a deep purple underside. -- Common names: Prayer Plant, Calathea Lancifolia, Goeppertia insignis. This plant...

Candle Love Gift Box

17.000 JD

Treat that special someone with this beautifully packaged box is filled with a selection of candles, designed to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Whether you're looking to express your love on...

Carrot Nantes Seeds

2.500 JD

This variety produces long roots, crunchy, solid, consistent and reliable. This variety does not taper. The roots have a red/orange color with a small heart. 7 Grams / pack. Check...

Cat Grass Seeds

3.000 JD

A treat for cats and dogs to help satisfy their craving for greens and to leave your houseplants in peace. (1 Pack) Cat grass is a type of cereal grass...

Cat Grass Seeds

4.000 JD

A treat for cats and dogs to help satisfy their craving for greens and to leave your houseplants in peace. (1 Pack/30g) Cat grass is an indispensable food supplement for...

Cats Window Hammock

15.000 JD

Cat Window Perch offers your cat a high position. Leisurely sleeping on it, enjoys sunshine, weather and view of nature, give your cat a safe and comfortable sunny hammock seat.

Ceramic Patterns Pot

4.000 JD – 16.000 JD

Material: Ceramic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Plant Fit Mini 9CM 9CM Mini size plants X-Small 10CM 10CM Small 12CM  12CM Medium 13CM 14CM Medium size plants Medium+ 15CM 14CM...

Chamaedorea Elegans

4.000 JD – 25.000 JD

Also known as Parlour palm, it thrives in home and office where other plants may struggle. An excellent air purifier and safe for your cats and dogs. -- Common names:...

Chives Seeds

2.500 JD

Cippolina - chives. Tasty tender onion flavor. Perennial. Easy to grow. Just direct seed in spring, space 1 inch apart. Harvest all summer. Great in salads or for garnish for...

Clay Pebbles

3.500 JD – 7.000 JD

Clay Pebbles work as aeration stones to promote healthy root growth by creating air pockets in the soil and absorbing excess water in the basin of your planter. These porous...

Clear Plastic Saucer

2.250 JD – 3.000 JD

Catch excess water when watering your plants. Always discard any access water in the saucer. Material: PET Clear Plastic Diameter Height  Fit 20CM 3.5CM Small to medium plants Small 4.5CM Medium...

Climbing Rattan Plant Holder (3PCS)

7.750 JD

Size: 10x35CMMaterial: Plastic

Coco Coir Pole

6.000 JD – 8.000 JD

Coco Fiber Poles are made from coir fiber wrapped on PVC tubes used to support indoor and outdoor plants. Coco Fibre helps retain moisture for the growing climber's plants. These stick poles...

Coco Peat (Coconut Coir)

3.500 JD – 16.000 JD

Coco coir is an ideal growing medium because it holds water exceptionally well while still promoting good drainage and aeration.Coco Peat is made of dehydrated coconut coir, it is 100%...

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