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20-20-20 General Purpose Fertilizer

1.500 JD – 5.000 JD

Water soluble powder fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 General Purpose formula made in USA is designed for application with any sprayer, injector, or proportioned. Nitrogen helps to promote vegetative growth, while phosphorous and potassium...

3 Layer Macrame Mini Plant Hanger

7.000 JD2.000 JD

This hanger fits mini air plants.Height: 90CMCircles Diameter: 6CMPlant & pot are not included.

3D Love Heart Shape Foil Balloon (Uninflated)

1.000 JD0.500 JD

Package contains 1 uninflated heart shape Love you foil balloon with 2 attachments of LOVE foil balloon which gives the balloon a 3D look. 60X64 CMYou will get 1 pack unblown...

Anti-Weed Garden Floor Protection Fleece Cloth

13.000 JD8.000 JD

Weed control non-woven mulching felt.Size: 5 X 1.5 Meters Prevents the appearance of weeds. Can be cut to the desired dimensions. Can be used as a garden path. Clear the...

Brown Plastic Pot With Saucer

5.500 JD3.000 JD

Material: Plastic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Large 25CM 20CM X-Large 32CM 28CM

Bustan - Home Visit Services (Indoor Plants)

0.000 JD

Get in touch with Bustan: Indoor plants maintenance 1. re-potting and pruningplants.2. general plant care courses.3. in-house consultation.4. online consultation.5. plant recommendation.6. plant-sitting.7. plant purchasing.8. pest and disease management. Get...

Cable Organizer 6PCS

1.300 JD

Fastening Cable Ties Straps. 6 Pcs

Cactus Pin

2.500 JD1.250 JD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers' friends. (1 Pin)2*2.5 CM Can be attached to clothes and bags.

Candle Love Gift Box

12.000 JD8.000 JD

Treat that special someone with this beautifully packaged box is filled with a selection of candles, designed to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Whether you're looking to express your love on...

Ceramic Patterns Pot

3.000 JD – 16.000 JD

Material: Ceramic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Plant Fit Mini 9CM 9CM Mini size plants X-Small 10CM 10CM Small 12CM  12CM Medium 13CM 14CM Medium size plants Medium+ 15CM 14CM...

Clear Plastic Saucer Dish

2.250 JD – 3.000 JD

Catch excess water when watering your plants. Always discard any access water in the saucer. Material: PET Clear Plastic Diameter Height  Fit 20CM 3.5CM Small to medium plants Small 4.5CM Medium...

Concrete Saucer

4.000 JD – 6.000 JD

Catch the excess water with this natural saucer. The saucer has a soft pad underneath that protects the underlying surface from scratches and moisture. Works with small, medium, and large...

Cotton Carrier Bag

2.000 JD

Small Cotton Bag for daily use On the inside of the bag there’s a sewn pouch where you can store small things. Made in 100% cotton - a natural and...

Cross Fitting Joint Connectors (10PCS)

1.500 JD

10pcs Water Pipe Cross Connector. Adapter For Drip Irrigation system.

Dirt Removal Brush For Nails

1.750 JD0.500 JD

Soil can easily get under your fingernails if you're not wearing gloves. This mini brush will remove the dirt under fingernails. 🎁 Buy 1, Get 1 For Free 🎁

Gardening Potting Mat

6.000 JD – 11.800 JD

The waterproof gardening potting mat plant is made of thickened PE material.  Large: 100x100CM Medium: 68X68CM Small: 50X50CM

Glazed Ceramic Pot

1.000 JD – 4.500 JD

Inside diameter: 9 cm (XS) – 12 cm (S) Material: Earthenware

Gloss Oval Arrangement Plastic Planter

3.000 JD – 3.500 JD

Material: Plastic Pot Size Pot Height Width Length Small (3.25 Lt) 13CM 15.5CM 36CM Medium (4.4 Lt) 16.5CM 17CM 46CM No drainage holes, you can drill drainage holes if needed.

Gloss Round Plastic Pot With Water Reservoir

2.000 JD – 3.000 JD

Material: Plastic Pot Size Pot Height Diameter Small (1.9 Lt) 13CM 15CM Medium (4.4 Lt) 18.5CM 20CM It has a water reservoir at the bottom. When the reservoir is full of water at...

Grafting Tape

3.000 JD – 7.000 JD

Width: 2CM Or 3CMLength: 1 Meter Or 100 Meter.Waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and self-adhesive with a gentle stretch.

Hanging Ceramic Pot

1.000 JD – 3.000 JD

Inside diameter: 12CM (X-Small) Height: 40CM Material: Ceramic. (No drainage hole)

Hanging Fly Trap Sticky Ball

3.500 JD

Sticky ball insect trap. 7x7cm (1PCS)

Hanging Steel Pot

3.000 JD

Inside diameter: 12 CM (Small) Height: 20 CM Material: Steel. (No drainage hole)

High Pressure Water Spray Gun

4.000 JD

High-Pressure Water Spray Gun Copper Nozzle Garden. Hose not included.

Holiday Theme Mugs

3.000 JD – 4.000 JD

Reach for one of these cute Christmas mugs, and pour yourself a cup of cheer! Material: Ceramic Size: 9x11 CM

Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer 30ml

3.000 JD

The all-in-one liquid fertilizer for hydroponics, all additives needed for plants & crops. Dropper Bottle: 30ml This compound contains all the zero and major elements and other additives to meet...

Knitted Pattern Pot

2.000 JD – 7.000 JD

Material: Plastic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Plant Fit Mini 0.13L 6CM 7CM Mini size plants Medium 2.5L 16CM 15CM Small to Medium size plants Medium+ 5L 21CM  19CM Medium+ size plants...

Landscape Services (Outdoor Plants & Trees)

0.000 JD

Garden maintenance services (Outdoor):Pruning, pruning and shaping trees: Gold star, Yalanda, Toya, Ficus, Jasmine, Olive, Shamshir, Coral, Palms, Thorns and other ornamental trees. Call this number for inquiries: 0780307374 This service is...

Metal Brackets For Hanging Plants & Shelves

1.500 JD – 3.750 JD

Metal Brackets can be used to hang plants, pots, macrame plant hangers or for shelves installation. *This hanger needs to be screwed to a wall. Screws are not included.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

3.000 JD

Clean your plant leaves with this soft, microfiber towel. Material: Polyester.

Mini Spiral Air Plants Holder

2.500 JD

Metal stand holder for mini Tillandsia air plants.Plant not included. 

Mini Watering Can

4.000 JD

Plastic mini watering can. 300ml It will be sent in random colors.

Monstera Leaf Keychain

0.900 JD – 2.000 JD

Multiple color available.

Multicolor LED Strip Light

1.500 JD – 2.500 JD

Light color: Red and Blue, or purple Strip length: (Multicolor 1 Meter) (Purple 75CM) Voltage: 5V (Requires USB adapter/charger) Self adhesive Not water-proof

Natural River Rocks Un-Polished Pebbles (2KG)

3.000 JD

Choose from multiple size, A, B, C. Each bag is 2KG.You can choose natural river rocks to decorate the potted plants in your garden in order to make a beautiful...

Organic Clay Facial Mask

7.000 JD

Removes dead cells from the surface of the outermost layer of the skin, revealing a clear and bright skin.Quantity: 500ml A gentle cay ma that revives and refines the skin leaving it clean,...

Papaya Fragrance Oil

2.000 JD1.000 JD

Papaya fragrance oil can be used for candles, humidifiers & home aroma diffusers. Don't use on skin. 30ml

Pepper Yolo Wonder Seeds

2.500 JD

Mid-early Vigorous plant of good production which produces large meaty sweet four lobed fruits which are intensely green and mature red. 1 Pack/1.5G You can use Peat Moss or Universal Potting Soil to plant the seeds.

Pet Water Fountain Round Filter 1PCS

0.900 JD

This filter is for your cat and dog water fountain replacement. Filtering hair and residue and softening water using cotton, activated carbon, and an ion exchange resin, this filtering system...

Picking Lettuce Seeds

4.500 JD

Picking Lettuce Seeds are an excellent tasting variety with finely serrated, red leaves which don't form a head. Grown all year round. The leaves of picking lettuce are harvested just above...

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