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Care for your plants like a pro. Plant spray, watering cans, garden gloves, plant hanger macrame, pruning scissors shears.
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Watering Press Bottle

4.000 JD1.000 JD

Perfect tool for watering succulents and small plants.

Plastic Label Tag Holder

0.200 JD

1 Tag (1 PCS) Height: 25CM Width: 6CM Color: Gloss White Material: Plastic

Plant Climbing Wall Fixture Clips (10 PCS)

3.500 JD2.000 JD

10 PCS Plant Fixer Self-Adhesive hooks for vines.

Stainless Steel Watering Can

8.000 JD – 8.500 JD

Stainless steel high quality small watering can with a capacity of 0.9 Liter. The idea with this watering can is that it looks so good that you happily leave it...

Gardening Potting Mat

6.000 JD – 11.800 JD

The waterproof gardening potting mat plant is made of thickened PE material.  Large: 100x100CM Medium: 68X68CM Small: 50X50CM

Plant Support Clips (10 PCS)

2.000 JD1.500 JD

Support plant stems and vines with these plastic clips. 10 PCS Hold stems and seedlings securely to support stakes, suitable for plants with small stems or vines. Can be used...

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

3.000 JD

Clean your plant leaves with this soft, microfiber towel. Material: Polyester.

Concrete Saucer

4.000 JD – 6.000 JD

Catch the excess water with this natural saucer. The saucer has a soft pad underneath that protects the underlying surface from scratches and moisture. Works with small, medium, and large...

Grafting Tape

3.000 JD – 7.000 JD

Width: 2CM Or 3CMLength: 1 Meter Or 100 Meter.Waterproof, flexible, stretchable, and self-adhesive with a gentle stretch.

Metal Brackets For Hanging Plants & Shelves

1.500 JD – 3.750 JD

Metal Brackets can be used to hang plants, pots, macrame plant hangers or for shelves installation. *This hanger needs to be screwed to a wall. Screws are not included.

White Steel Saucer

4.500 JD – 6.500 JD

For pots without saucers. Catch excess water with this steel dish. Small: 21CM Diameter. (Medium Plants)Large: 29CM Diameter. (Large Plants)

Wall Hanging Shelf

2.500 JD – 5.500 JD

Ideal for small plants and herbs.Fitting materials are not included. Please ask a professional to hang these shelves.

Print Wall Sticker Plants

2.000 JD – 4.800 JD

Plant Illustrations small stickers for walls or doors.

Planter Hooks

0.250 JD – 0.500 JD

Plastic hooks for hanging pots. Height from 31CM to 45CM. Pot is not included.

Plant Tags 30PCS

1.500 JD

30Pcs Plastic T-type Garden Tags Plant Flower Label Nursery Tag Markers. *The colors will be random.

Dirt Removal Brush For Nails

1.750 JD0.500 JD

Soil can easily get under your fingernails if you're not wearing gloves. This mini brush will remove the dirt under fingernails. 🎁 Buy 1, Get 1 For Free 🎁

Monstera Leaf Keychain

0.900 JD – 2.000 JD

Multiple color available.

Hanging Macrame Soft-White

5.000 JD

Height: 90CM Width: 20CM Fits medium pots. Color: Off-White (Vintage)

3 Layer Macrame Mini Plant Hanger

7.000 JD2.000 JD

This hanger fits mini air plants.Height: 90CMCircles Diameter: 6CMPlant & pot are not included.

Small Glass Vase

5.000 JD2.500 JD

Glass Vase for plant and flower cuttings. (10x17CM)

Wall Hanging Hydroponic Plastic Vase

3.850 JD1.000 JD

Perfect for growing plant cuttings in water. (1 PCS) Height: 15CM Material: Clear plastic.

Plant Parent Pin

2.000 JD0.700 JD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers friends. 2*3 CMCan be attached to clothes and bags.

Small Macrame Plant Hanger

2.500 JD – 7.500 JD

This hanger fits pots with 9-17CM in diameter. Medium: 80CMSmall: 50-60CMPot not included. Actual product appearance may differ from the images provided.

Self-Watering Hydroponic Grow Pot

0.250 JD – 0.750 JD

A plastic mesh net pot with a cotton wick absorbs water from the container's bottom. -- These basket pots work with many types of media, such as hydroponics or soil-based,...

Clear Plastic Saucer Dish

2.250 JD – 3.000 JD

Catch excess water when watering your plants. Always discard any access water in the saucer. Material: PET Clear Plastic Diameter Height  Fit 20CM 3.5CM Small to medium plants Small 4.5CM Medium...

Cross Fitting Joint Connectors (10PCS)

1.500 JD

10pcs Water Pipe Cross Connector. Adapter For Drip Irrigation system.

S-Shaped Hanging Hook (6PCS)

1.500 JD

Can be used to hang hanging plants. 6PCS

Woven Plant Storage Basket

7.700 JD6.000 JD

Dressup your pot with this basket. Don't add soil directly into the basket. Height: 20CM  Diameter: 21CM

Woven Macrame Plant Hanger

3.750 JD

This hanger fits small plants.Height: 100CMPlant & pot are not included.

Tall Macrame Plant Hanger 100CM

4.000 JD – 6.000 JD

This hanger fits small-medium plants.Height: 90-100CMPlant & pot are not included.

Small Macrame Plant Hanger

3.900 JD2.000 JD

This hanger fits small plants.Height: 60CMPlant & pot are not included.

White Macrame Plant Hanger 60CM

2.000 JD – 5.000 JD

This hanger fits small plants.Height: 60CMPlant & pot are not included.

Small Hanging Glass Round Vase

1.500 JD – 5.900 JD

A small round glass vase is perfect for mini plants. Style Height Width A 11CM 12CM B 15CM 14CM

Cactus Pin

2.500 JD1.250 JD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers' friends. (1 Pin)2*2.5 CM Can be attached to clothes and bags.

Wall Mounted Small Bowl

7.500 JD5.500 JD

Small bowl for plant cuttings. Material: Plastic Size: 16x16CM *Rocks and plants are not included.

Mini Watering Can

4.000 JD

Plastic mini watering can. 300ml It will be sent in random colors.

High Pressure Water Spray Gun

4.000 JD

High-Pressure Water Spray Gun Copper Nozzle Garden. Hose not included.

Mini Spiral Air Plants Holder

2.500 JD

Metal stand holder for mini Tillandsia air plants.Plant not included. 

Steel Saucer/Dish

3.000 JD – 6.000 JD

Catch the excess water after watering your plants with this elegant white dish. Works with small, medium and large plants.

Winter Frost Protection Cloth

1.500 JD – 3.000 JD

Fabric Tree wrap with Drawstring, for Weather Resistance and Animal Protection. Available in multiple size: 78X90 CM 110X150 CM 150X230 CM

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