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Lava Rocks

from 1.500 JOD

These rocks can be used for decoration and to retain moisture for the soil, also can be placed at the bottom of the pot to collect excess water for pots...

Dried Pampas Grass (1 PCS)

from 2.000 JOD

Tall and fluffy natural dried pampas grass. Natural light brown to light yellow. Pampas grass is a wonderful dried plant that doesn’t require any maintenance. After you fluff it up and cut it into...

Mini Picea Conica Tree

from 2.500 JOD

 Ideal as a tabletop Christmas Tree. Common names: Picea glauca Conica, Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Light: Bright indirect light. Water: Water when the top half of the soil is dry. Temperature & Humidity:...

Mini Ornaments

3.500 JOD2.500 JOD

Decorate your houseplants with these mini holiday balls. (8PCS) 3x3CM Check Mini Christmas Tree


from 2.500 JOD

Perlite help in developing strong roots and preventing soil compaction. Improves drainage and aeration when it's mixed in potting soil.

Chives Seeds

3.000 JOD2.900 JOD

Cippolina - chives. Tasty tender onion flavor. Perennial. Easy to grow. Just direct seed in spring, space 1 inch apart. Harvest all summer. Great in salads or for garnish for...

Pine Bark Mulch

from 3.000 JOD

The decorative effect due to its warm and reddish color gives a perfect adaptation to any environment. (Multiple piece size)  Reduces water loss due to evaporation and improves drainage. Bark...

Sand Relief Pot

from 3.000 JOD

The harmonious combination of sand colors with natural relief. Material: Ceramic This pot doesn't have a drainage hole for the extra water, we recommend keeping the plant plastic pot to...

Peace Lily

from 3.000 JOD

The Peace Lily is a favorite houseplant. In the spring, it produces long-lasting white blooms. -- Common names: Spathiphyllum. ( زنبق السلام ، نبته الشراع) This is one of the best plants...

Chinese Money Plant

from 4.000 JOD

Pilea is known for its bright green, coin-shaped leaves. -- Common Names: Pilea Peperomioides, Friendship Plant, pancake plant, or UFO plant. Light: Bright Indirect Water: Medium Temperature: Average Humidity: Average...

Water Saving High-Pressure Faucet

from 4.000 JOD

360 Degrees Rotatable Faucet Aerator Water Saving Kitchen Tap Head High-Pressure Sink Sprayer. -- - Water pressure will differ depending on your home water system. - You might need a professional...

Drift Wood Sticks

5.000 JOD4.500 JOD

Quantity: 20-30 PCS Length: 10-20 CM Drift wood sticks for DYI projects and decorations.Not treated for aquariums.

Chamaedorea Elegans

from 5.000 JOD

Also known as Parlour palm, it thrives in home and office where other plants may struggle. An excellent air purifier and safe for your cats and dogs. -- Common names:...

Hanging Ceramic Pot

6.500 JOD5.000 JOD

Inside diameter: 12CM (Small) Height: 40CM Material: Ceramic. (No drainage hole)

Brown Plastic Pot With Saucer

from 5.500 JOD

Material: Plastic Size Pot Diameter Pot Height Large 25CM 20CM X-Large 32CM 28CM

ZZ Plant

from 6.000 JOD

This plant is tough 💪  perfect for the forgetful plant owner. This hardy plant is able to survive for months without water and will grow well in any light except...

Garden Grip Gloves

from 6.000 JOD

100% nylon gloves with elastic cuff. For transplanting and garden maintenance with maximum safety and comfort. Designed with a rough latex coating on the palm for maximum grip on tools,...

Natural Pest Control (Neem Oil)

8.000 JOD6.000 JOD

Keep plants foliage looking lush and pest-free naturally, without the shiny look.--*This product will not kill pests, it will prevent pests from breeding and destroying eggs. *Mix the oil with...

Venus Flytrap

from 6.000 JOD

It attracts insects by the nectar inside the trap and it will quickly close the trap when the hairs are touched. This plant is sensitive and can be tricky to...

Pressure Water Spray

from 6.500 JOD

Water mister and spray bottle for indoor plants and outdoor garden with adjustable brass nozzle. (2 or 3 Liter)

Peperomia Santorini

from 6.500 JOD

The Peperomia Santorini is a strong plant with upright leaves, so you can clearly see the red underside of its leaves. The top of the leaf has a gray color...

Rubber Plant

from 7.000 JOD

A popular houseplant with bold, glossy burgundy leaves. -- Other names: Ficus Elastica, Robusta, Abidjan, Burgundy Rubber Tree, Rubber Fig. The large glossy leaves of this rubber plant are attractively flushed...

Dracaena Marginata

from 7.000 JOD

The Dracaena is a perfect plant for beginners, it loves bright indirect light and thrives on neglect. -- Common names: Dragon Plant, Madagascar. Its deep emerald leaves are much broader...

Fine Spray Mister

10.000 JOD8.000 JOD

Repeated trigger pulls will produce a continuous fine mist that is perfect for cleaning leaves and increasing humidity. (300ml

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