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Peace Lily

3.000 JD – 29.000 JD

The Peace Lily is a favorite houseplant. In the spring, it produces long-lasting white blooms. ✓ Available on pre-order  -- Common names: Spathiphyllum. ( زنبق السلام ، نبته الشراع) This is one...

Echeveria Agavoides

3.500 JD – 10.000 JD

Stemless, star-shaped rosette of fat leaves. -- The more light a plant gets the better it will display its colors and shape. Common names: Molded Wax Agave, House Leek. Plant...

Silver Philodendron

8.000 JD7.000 JD

Known for its silvery satin look and heart-shaped leaves. -- Common names: Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus'. Known for its heart-shaped leaves and satin-like leaves that are splashed with silver spots. This...

Peperomia Green

7.000 JD – 20.000 JD

A stylish addition to any space, easy care and perfect for beginners. -- Common names: Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Red Edge', Baby rubber plant. This beautiful indoor plant is very low maintenance....

Pine Bark Mulch

3.000 JD – 30.000 JD

The decorative effect due to its warm and reddish color gives a perfect adaptation to any environment. (Multiple piece size)  Reduces water loss due to evaporation and improves drainage. Bark...

Monstera Monkey Leaf

9.000 JD – 23.000 JD

Known for its classic leaf shape and irregular holes. -- Common names: Monstera Obliqua 'Monkey Leaf/Mask'. This Monstera is a must-have for any indoor jungle. Perfect for a tall shelf...

Seed Starting Tray

1.500 JD – 4.000 JD

Starting Trays for Planting Seedlings, Propagation, Germination Plugs. Material: PS / PVC

Plant Parent Pin

2.000 JD1.450 JD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers friends. 2*3 CM

Fine Spray Mister

8.000 JD7.000 JD

Repeated trigger pulls will produce a continuous fine mist that is perfect for cleaning leaves and increasing humidity. (300ml

Monstera Leaf Keychain

1.500 JD – 2.000 JD

Multiple color available.

Dust Removal Brush

7.000 JD5.000 JD

Dust off your plant with ease. Non-woven microfiber duster, soft on plant leaves.

Glass Tube Planter

6.000 JD5.000 JD

This test tube holder is ideal for plant propagation and flower cuttings.

Aloe Vera Pin

2.000 JD1.500 JD

Perfect gift for plant lovers. 2x3CM

Philodendron Birkin

8.000 JD – 16.000 JD

Beautiful plant with striking white stripes on its green leaves.

White Plant Metal Stand

17.000 JD14.000 JD

Diameter: 12 cmHeight: 24 cmLength: 49 cmWidth: 14 cm Material: Steel

Gardening Apron

25.000 JD20.000 JD

Adjustable size 79x64.5 CM Canvas/Cotton

Cactus Pin

2.500 JD2.000 JD

Perfect gift for yourself or your plant lovers' friends. (1 Pin)2*2.5 CM

Gold Stripe Ceramic Pots Set

5.650 JD – 20.000 JD

Set of 3 planters. Material: Ceramic The pot has a drainage hole. Saucer is included.*Plants are not included. Pot Size Pot Height  Inside Diameter Small 14CM 11CM Medium 17CM 15CM Medium+ 20CM...

River Rocks (Pebbles)

3.000 JD2.000 JD

Decorative Pebbles can be used indoors and outdoors to cover the soil or for better drainage. 2KG bag contains around 15 rocks. The rocks vary in shades and sizes.

Narrow Glass Vase

9.000 JD7.000 JD

Material: Clear Glass Height: 34CMTop diameter: 6CMDiameter: 16CM*Plants are not included.

Dried Pampas Grass (1 PCS)

1.000 JD – 5.000 JD

Tall and fluffy natural dried pampas grass. Natural light brown to light yellow. Pampas grass is a wonderful dried plant that doesn’t require any maintenance. After you fluff it up and cut it into...

Peace Lily With Pot

12.000 JD – 27.000 JD

The Peace Lily is a favorite houseplant. In the spring, it produces long-lasting white blooms. ✓ Available on pre-order  -- Common names: Spathiphyllum. ( زنبق السلام ، نبتة الشراع) This is...

Vertical Pocket Wall Hanging Grid Planter

7.500 JD – 10.500 JD

You can plant anything in these bags, it's recommended to use peat moss as soil and avoid mud soil (red soil). 6 Cells 40x60CM 9 Cells 50x50CM 36 Cells 100x100CM Note: To...

Small Macrame Plant Hanger

3.600 JD – 3.900 JD

This hanger fits small plants.Height: 60CMPlant & pot are not included.

Drift Wood Sticks

3.500 JD – 6.000 JD

Quantity: Small 20-30 PCS Medium 6 PCS Length: 10-20 CM Drift wood sticks for DYI projects and decorations.Not treated for aquariums.

Large Tall Plastic Pot Vase

15.000 JD – 21.000 JD

Material: Plastic. *No drainage holes. You can easily drill holes in the base. Can be placed indoors and outdoor. Pot Size Pot Height Diameter XL (5.5 Lt) 57CM 30CM XXL (9 Lt) 70CM...

Print Wall Sticker Plants

4.000 JD – 5.000 JD

Plant Illustrations small stickers for walls or doors.

Plastic Oval Planter

8.000 JD4.800 JD

Material: Plastic Size: Small/Medium (4.7 Lt) Length: 29CM Width: 14CM Height: 15CM Color: White This pot has a water reservoir at the base. Drainage holes can be drilled.

Peat Moss

3.500 JD3.000 JD

Unique water-holding capabilities help plants require less frequent watering. Lightens heavy potting mixes and native soil while retaining moisture and nutrients. Helps promote strong root development. For use in containers...

Floral Metal Display Stand (Used)

29.000 JD25.000 JD

Metal stand for flower display. This stand is not new, some parts of the stand might need repainting. Height: 125CM Length: 85CM Condition: Used 12 Metal flasks included.

Retro Floor Wood Bamboo Vase

12.000 JD9.000 JD

Height: 40CM Top diameter: 10CM Vase diameter: 20CM Material: Wood & Bamboo

Papaya Fragrance Oil

3.000 JD2.000 JD

Papaya fragrance oil can be used for candles, humidifiers & home aroma diffusers. Don't use on skin. 30ml

Silver Crest (Pinus Pinea)

8.000 JD – 13.000 JD

Make your home extra cozy in the fall with this striking appearance tree 🎄. Pinus pinea Silvercrest has compact growth and is perfect to use indoors over the festive period, and can later...

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