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Dracaena Fragrans Cintho

from 49.000 JOD

Low-light plant with shiny and wide green leaves.--The Dracaena Fragrans Cintho is a low-maintenance multi-stem tree with green and yellow leaves. With its narrow growth, it's ideal for bringing life into...

Grass Puppet

4.250 JOD

Mini wheatgrass puppet head. *The character/shape will be random. *Price for 1 puppet. 1- Soak in water for 15 minutes.2- Place in a bright area. (near a window, no direct sunlight)3-...

Preserved Moss Frame

from 31.000 JOD

A natural preserved reindeer moss that doesn't require any maintenance can liven up any interior space. This handcrafted piece will vary slightly from piece to piece. Keep it out of direct...

Dried Wheat Bunch

5.300 JOD

Dried natural wheat gives a rustic, earthy feel that looks good all year long. Doesn’t require any maintenance. Can be cut to the desired height. 1 Bunch contains more than...

Dried Pampas Grass (1 PCS)

from 2.000 JOD

Tall and fluffy natural dried pampas grass. Natural light brown to light yellow. Pampas grass is a wonderful dried plant that doesn’t require any maintenance. After you fluff it up and cut it into...

Peperomia Santorini

from 6.500 JOD

The Peperomia Santorini is a strong plant with upright leaves, so you can clearly see the red underside of its leaves. The top of the leaf has a gray color...

Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree)

from 9.000 JOD

This Feng-shui plant is a very easy plant to look after and will generally adapt to most conditions in your home, making it a perfect plant for plant lovers. Plant size: Small Plant...

In-Home Visit (Consultation)

25.000 JOD

Our Plant Consulting services help clients with plant selection and care for indoor plants. We ensure the right plants are chosen for your space requirements and requests, and we will help...

Mini Picea Conica Tree

from 2.500 JOD

 Ideal as a tabletop Christmas Tree. Common names: Picea glauca Conica, Dwarf Alberta Spruce. Light: Bright indirect light. Water: Water when the top half of the soil is dry. Temperature & Humidity:...

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

from 18.500 JOD

This fantastic climbing plant has beautiful variegated leaves. It looks great dangling its vines from shelves, window sills or macrame hangers.

Syngonium Arrow

from 8.000 JOD

The perfect houseplant for people with little to no plant care experience. Common Names: Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Vine, Goosefoot (Syngonium podophyllum) Syngonium varieties are easy-care plants as long as you...

Digital Gift Card

from 25.000 JOD

E-Gift Card is the perfect present for picky friends.It will be digitally sent to the recipient’s email address as a voucher if you used their email at checkout. You can...

Small Rubber Plant With Pot

from 14.000 JOD

Common names: Ficus Elastica, Robusta, Abidjan, Burgundy Rubber Tree, Rubber Fig. The large glossy leaves of this rubber plant are attractively flushed with burgundy-bronze. Therefore, not only do they look...

Scindapsus Exotica

from 4.000 JOD

The heart-shaped leaves have a velvety, matte texture, and known for being easy to care for and low-light tolerant. -- Common names: Scindapsus pictus 'Exotica', Silver Stain Pothos, Silvery Ann....

Raindrop Peperomia

from 8.000 JOD

Peperomia ‘Raindrop’ is known for its bright green, large, plump, teardrop-shaped leaves. -- Common names: Peperomia polybotrya, Coin-Leaf Peperomia. Peperomia do not like direct sunlight so they are best placed...

Marimo Moss Ball

from 12.000 JOD

An attractive addition to plant bowls, freshwater aquariums or as a centerpiece. -- Other names: Marimo ball, Cladophora aegagropila. Marimo is a rare growth form of Aegagropila linnaei in which...

Monstera Monkey Leaf

from 12.500 JOD

Known for its classic leaf shape and irregular holes. -- Common names: Monstera Obliqua 'Monkey Leaf/Mask'. This Monstera is a must-have for any indoor jungle. Perfect for a tall shelf...

Peperomia Green

from 9.000 JOD

A stylish addition to any space, easy care and perfect for beginners. -- Common names: Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Red Edge', Baby rubber plant. This beautiful indoor plant is very low maintenance....

Golden Pothos With Moss Pole

from 14.000 JOD

A Pretty variegated green and yellow leaves, this version is trailed up a moss pole. Fits in medium pots. -- Common names: Devil's Ivy, Epipremnum Aureum. The Pothos plant is...

Medium Monstera Deliciosa

from 26.000 JOD

Tropical plant known for its distinctive leaf patterns. -- The Monstera also known as Swiss cheese plant, it loves to trail over the pot or climb along a stake or...

Calathea Musaica

from 17.000 JOD

Glossy foliage with a green "mosaic" pattern that may seem unreal at first. -- Other names: Network Plant. A beautiful evergreen species of Calathea with amazing leaf patterns resembling tiny mosaics....

Small Ficus Lyrata

from 11.000 JOD

Perfect for adding some serious, air-cleansing, greenery to your indoor living space. -- Common name: Fiddle Leaf Fig. Ficus Lyrata has huge, glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves with prominent veins. Likes bright...

Medium Ficus Lyrata

from 30.500 JOD

Perfect for adding some serious, air-cleansing, greenery to your indoor living space. -- Common name: Fiddle Leaf Fig. Ficus Lyrata has huge, glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves with prominent veins. Likes bright...

Venus Flytrap

from 6.000 JOD

It attracts insects by the nectar inside the trap and it will quickly close the trap when the hairs are touched. This plant is sensitive and can be tricky to...

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