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Small Red Anthurium With Pot

12.500 JD – 15.500 JD

The Anthurium plant, aka the Flamingo plant - the ultimate gift plant for any occasion! With its striking red heart-shaped blooms and glossy green leaves, this tropical beauty is sure...


5.000 JD – 14.250 JD

Easy care plant that likes bright sunlight. -- Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia,...

Peace Lily With Pot

12.000 JD – 27.000 JD

The Peace Lily is a favorite houseplant. In the spring, it produces long-lasting white blooms. ✓ Available on pre-order  -- Common names: Spathiphyllum. ( زنبق السلام ، نبتة الشراع) This is...

Small ZZ Plant With Pot

11.500 JD – 19.000 JD

The ZZ Plant is characterized by its thick waxy green leaves. It is a great air-purifying plant. Perfect for beginners.


4.000 JD – 9.000 JD

Tropical houseplant with silvery-white veins is great for tabletops, hanging baskets, and terrariums. (X-Small) -- Common names: Nerve Plant, Fittonia Albivenis. This plant spread on the surface which makes it...

Chamaedorea Elegans

4.000 JD – 25.000 JD

Also known as Parlour palm, it thrives in home and office where other plants may struggle. An excellent air purifier and safe for your cats and dogs. -- Common names:...

Madagascar Jasmine

9.500 JD – 13.000 JD

Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis floribunda) is a tropical climbing plant that produces fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. It's commonly used as a decorative plant and in floral...

Silver Bay Aglaonema

25.000 JD – 46.000 JD

Vibrant and colorful, with strikingly patterned leaves. It will add a tropical feel to interiors. -- Other names: Aglaonema Stripes, Chinese Evergreen. Plant size: Medium Pot diameter: 17CM Plant height:...

Monstera Monkey Leaf

9.000 JD – 23.000 JD

Known for its classic leaf shape and irregular holes. -- Common names: Monstera Obliqua 'Monkey Leaf/Mask'. This Monstera is a must-have for any indoor jungle. Perfect for a tall shelf...

Snake Plant - Bacularis

9.000 JD – 12.500 JD

Air purifying and slick, adding texture to any space. -- Common names: Sansevieria Bacularis, Mikado, Spear Plant. *Plastic grow pot included only. X-Small: Height: 30+CMPot diameter: 10.5CM Small: Height: 40CMPot...

Peperomia Green

7.000 JD – 20.000 JD

A stylish addition to any space, easy care and perfect for beginners. -- Common names: Peperomia Obtusifolia 'Red Edge', Baby rubber plant. This beautiful indoor plant is very low maintenance....

Peace Lily

3.000 JD – 29.000 JD

The Peace Lily is a favorite houseplant. In the spring, it produces long-lasting white blooms. ✓ Available on pre-order  -- Common names: Spathiphyllum. ( زنبق السلام ، نبته الشراع) This is one...

Silver Crest (Pinus Pinea)

8.000 JD – 13.000 JD

Make your home extra cozy in the fall with this striking appearance tree 🎄. Pinus pinea Silvercrest has compact growth and is perfect to use indoors over the festive period, and can later...

Anthurium Red

9.000 JD – 20.000 JD

Anthuriums are flowering plants with lovely colors. ✓ Available on pre-order  --   Common names: Flamingo plant, Laceleaf. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, the Flamingo Lily was incredibly...

Alocasia Polly

16.000 JD – 38.000 JD

One of the most striking foliage in the houseplant world. Alocasia are stunning tropical plants with arrowhead-shaped leaves. Size: MediumPot diameter: 17CMPlant height: 50CM-- Other names: African Mask Plant. The...

Cat Grass Seeds

4.000 JD

A treat for cats and dogs to help satisfy their craving for greens and to leave your houseplants in peace. (1 Pack/30g) Cat grass is an indispensable food supplement for...

Grass Puppet

3.000 JD

Mini wheatgrass puppet head. *The character/shape will be random. *Price for 1 puppet. 1- Soak in water for 15 minutes.2- Place in a bright area. (near a window, no direct sunlight)3-...

Preserved Moss Frame

25.000 JD – 40.000 JD

A naturally preserved reindeer moss that doesn't require maintenance can liven up any interior space. This handcrafted piece will vary slightly from piece to piece. Keep it out of direct light—a great...

Dried Pampas Grass (1 PCS)

1.000 JD – 5.000 JD

Tall and fluffy natural dried pampas grass. Natural light brown to light yellow. Pampas grass is a wonderful dried plant that doesn’t require any maintenance. After you fluff it up and cut it into...

Philodendron Birkin

8.000 JD – 16.000 JD

Beautiful plant with striking white stripes on its green leaves.

Digital Gift Card

25.000 JD – 250.000 JD

E-Gift Card is the perfect present for picky friends, family & employees 🎁You can send the code yourself after you receive it in your email. (Chat with us if you...

Marimo Moss Ball

8.000 JD – 16.000 JD

An attractive addition to plant bowls, freshwater aquariums or as a centerpiece. -- Other names: Marimo ball, Cladophora aegagropila. Marimo is a rare growth form of Aegagropila linnaei in which...

Mini Blue Torch Cactus

2.000 JD – 4.700 JD

Lovely blue-green skin with golden spines. The colored flower is plastic. -- Other name: Pilosocereus Azureus. Cacti absorbs carbon dioxide at night to release oxygen. A cactus can survive without...

Philodendron Brazil

7.000 JD – 17.000 JD

Lively and trailing, with variegated, heart-shaped leaves, resembling the flag of Brazil. -- Other names: Philodendron Brasil, Sweetheart Plant. The Philodendron is a vining plant and can grow to astonishing...

Snake Plant (Zeylanica)

6.500 JD – 32.000 JD

This tough plant is known for its air-purifying capabilities and can live in a low-light environment. -- Common names: Sansevieria Zeylanica, Trifasciata, Laurentii, often known as mother-in-law’s tongue. Thrives in...

Echeveria Agavoides

3.500 JD – 10.000 JD

Stemless, star-shaped rosette of fat leaves. -- The more light a plant gets the better it will display its colors and shape. Common names: Molded Wax Agave, House Leek. Plant...

Cat Grass Seeds

3.000 JD

A treat for cats and dogs to help satisfy their craving for greens and to leave your houseplants in peace. (1 Pack) Cat grass is a type of cereal grass...

Easter Lily Cactus

2.500 JD – 8.000 JD

Round cactus with tiny spines and fuzzy areoles. -- Common Names: Echinopsis Domino Cactus subdenudata, Night-blooming Hedge-hog. Water regularly in summer (do not overwater and allow soil to dry between...

ZZ Plant

5.150 JD – 60.000 JD

This plant is tough 💪  perfect for the forgetful plant owner. This hardy plant is able to survive for months without water and will grow well in any light except...

Sansevieria Cylindrica

9.000 JD – 19.000 JD

Air purifying and slick, adding texture to any space. -- Common names: Sansevieria Cylindrica, Spear Plant, Snake plant. X-Small: Height: 30CM Pot diameter: 10.5CM Small: Height: 40CM Pot diameter: 13CM...

Hyacinth Bulbs (3PCS)

2.500 JD

Hyacinth bulbs are a beautiful and fragrant addition to any garden. These bulbs produce vibrant flowers in shades of pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. They are perfect for planting...

Peperomia Rana Verde

7.500 JD

Peperomia Rana Verde is a compact, easy-to-care-for houseplant that is appropriate for any home or office. It is a tropical semi-succulent plant originally from Peru and Ecuador in South America....

Baby Meadow Spikemoss

3.500 JD – 6.200 JD

Compact houseplant, known as Meadow Spikemoss, with an array of small green leaves. Its bushy, rounded shape is ideal for terrarium projects.Other names: Selaginella Apoda, fern. Plant Size Plant Height ±  Pot...

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