Vriesea plants come from the Bromeliads family and there are hundreds of different species. They are popular for their spectacular and long-lasting flower spikes. Vriesea care is a little different from other indoor plant, since most Vrieseas are epiphytes, which grow on trees rather than in soil and they depend on the central reservoir “tank” to collect and stores water as well as organic debris because their roots are used to grab and anchor itself to the trees.

It takes 3 to 5 years for Vrieseas to bloom, and the flower could last for many months. Even when not in bloom, the beautiful foliage still makes them very appealing houseplants. These attractive plants are known to remove toxins toxins from the air.

Common Names: Flaming Sword Plant, Vriesea Bromeliad.


Bright indirect light or shade. Avoid direct sunlight.


Fill the central rosette tank "Cup" with water and flush it once a week. Keep the soil slightly moist and avoid overwatering. (Filtered water is recommended)


High humidity. (Provide humidity by misting the entire plant with a spray bottle.)
Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove accumulated dust.




This plant is pet-friendly!

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