Attracts small insects with sweet smelling nectar, then snaps shut and digests the meal!
Other names: Carnivorous, Dionaea muscipula.


Thrives in bright direct or indirect light. If growing it in full sunlight, make sure it receive maximum 3-5 hours of direct sunlight. Make sure to place it gradually under direct sunlight to avoid burning the leaves.


Keep the soil moist at all times, it’s recommended to use distilled or filteredwater. Avoid watering the traps.
You can feed it every 2-3 weeks with dead or live insects by placing them into 1 trap only, but feed it only once you’ve taken care of all of its light and water requirements.
Remove old leaves and traps when they turn black. 


Like many tropical indoor plants, your Venus Flytrap prefers a spot with high humidity. 


18-28ºC. Keep your Venus Flytrap away from hot and cold air drafts. This includes window breezes, heaters, and air conditioning.


This plant is pet-friendly!

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