The jade plant is be one of the most common and popular succulent plant, it belong in the Crassula plants family. In some cultures, jade plant is considered auspicious and can be commonly found in store fronts, businesses, as well as people’s homes.

Common names: Crassula ovata, lucky plant, money plant tree.


Thrives in bright direct/indirect light. It's recommended to place it somewhere where it gets morning sun because it's less intense than the afternoon sun and is preferred by most succulents.


Every 2-3 weeks in summer and less in winter. Increase watering frequency with increased light. Let the soil completely dry between watering. 

Since they store water in their leaves and stems, they survive for a long time without water. You may not need to water as much indoors because the sunlight is not as intense.




18-28°C - It's recommended to keep the temperature above 15ºC. Keep it away from drafts and cold areas.


Toxic if ingested. Keep away from children & animals.

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