The Cereus Cactus appreciates a warm, dry environment with minimal water and plenty of light. Under ideal conditions, a white scented flower blooms once a year in summer, for a single night and closes at sunrise.

🌤  Light

Thrives in bright direct light. Can tolerate bright indirect light but will not tolerate low light conditions. Rotate periodically to ensure even growth on all sides.

🚰  Water

Water once a month, allow soil to dry out completely between waterings. Water much less in winter.

Tip: Withhold water from the plant for about four weeks in January or February to encourage new growth in the warmer seasons.


💦  Humidity



🌡️  Temperature

18-28°C – Keep temperature above 15°C in winter.

This plant has extreme heat tolerance and can handle temperatures over 38°C  with light shade.


🐾  Toxicity

This plant is pet-friendly!

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