Natural Pest Control (Neem Oil)

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Keep plants foliage looking lush and pest-free naturally, without the shiny look.--*This product will not... Full Description

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Keep plants foliage looking lush and pest-free naturally, without the shiny look.

*This product will not kill pests, it will prevent pests from breeding and destroying eggs.

*Mix the oil with water and shake well before spraying.

Use on houseplants, vegetables, herbs and trees. Spray directly onto the plants or spray on a soft/microfiber towel and then gently wipe down the leaves while supporting them from the back. Make sure you get to the undersides too. Reapply every 1-2 weeks or as needed. If the plant is placed in direct sunlight, spray in the evening to avoid burning the leaves.

You will get one empty spray bottle + 30ml of Neem oil + Instruction guide.


  • Natural pesticide controls spider mites and whiteflies.
  • Helps prevent and control powdery mildew/mold, black spots by spraying the soil.
  • Say no to leaf shine products because plants should look like plants, not plastic. Plants breathe through their leaves through little pores called stomata and many leaf shine products end up clogging these stomata with either oil or wax.

Keeping your plants leaves clean will prevent pests and diseases.

Perfect for foliage plants that have a smooth surface like Monstera, Ficus Plants, Bird of Paradise, Kentia Palm, Dracaena Plants, Pothos, Philodendron Heartleaf/Brazil and more.
Not recommended for Calathea plants, Dieffenbachia Plants or any plants that have furry/hairy leaves. (But you can mist the soil)
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Natural Pest Control (Neem Oil)

8.000 JOD 6.000 JOD