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Preserved Norwegian Reindeer Moss

19.000 JD

Reindeer moss is used for creating moss wall panels - green walls. It is also perfect for creating various types of decorations, moss bowls, christmas decorations, moss wall art, it...

Fabric Tote Bag

2.250 JD – 2.500 JD

Eco-Friendly Grocery Shopping Bags. Durable, Recyclable,Washable, Foldable.

طباعة النباتات ملصقات الحائط

4.000 JD – 5.000 JD

Plant Illustrations small stickers for walls or doors.

سلسلة مفاتيح Monstera Leaf

1.500 JD – 2.000 JD

متعدد الألوان المتاحة.

Multicolor LED Strip Light

3.000 JD – 4.500 JD

Light color: Red and Blue, or purple Strip length: (Multicolor 1 Meter) (Purple 75CM) Voltage: 5V (Requires USB adapter/charger) Self adhesive Not water-proof

Artificial White Orchid

30.000 JD25.000 JD

This plastic Orchid plant is potted in a white ceramic pot. Features 2 full-size, life-like stems adorned with lush green leaves, bulbs, and blooming petals for added aesthetic appeal. Height:...

زيت عطري من البابايا

3.000 JD2.000 JD

Papaya fragrance oil can be used for candles, humidifiers & home aroma diffusers. Don't use on skin. 30ml

مزهرية أرضية من خشب الخيزران من ريترو

12.000 JD9.000 JD

Height: 40CM Top diameter: 10CM Vase diameter: 20CM Material: Wood & Bamboo

3D Love Heart Shape Foil Balloon (Uninflated)

3.000 JD

Package contains 1 uninflated heart shape Love you foil balloon with 2 attachments of LOVE foil balloon which gives the balloon a 3D look. 60X64 CMYou will get 1 pack unblown...

Watercolor Brushes Set 6PCS

1.500 JD

These flat brushes are ideal for watercolor, oil, acrylic painting, and other mediums. The rectangular bristle shape holds a good amount of paint for smooth strokes with a straight edge. Perfect for art...

صندوق عشب القط المائي بدون تربة

8.000 JD

Grow wheat grass with only water, no need for soil. 1- Soak wheat seeds in water for 8 hours. 2- Spread the seeds evenly on the tray. Don't stack. Fill...

حلى صغير 8 قطع

2.000 JD

قم بتزيين نباتاتك المنزلية بكرات العطلات الصغيرة هذه. (8 قطع) 3x3 سم كميات كبيرة متاحة عند الطلب.

صنبور الضغط العالي لتوفير المياه

3.400 JD – 4.000 JD

360 Degrees Rotatable Faucet Aerator Water Saving Kitchen Tap Head High-Pressure Sink Sprayer. -- - Water pressure will differ depending on your home water system. - You might need a professional...

3D بطاقة معايدة عيد ميلاد

2.800 JD

Add this 3D Birthday Cake Greeting Card & 1pc Envelope to your gift orders.

Candle Love Gift Box

17.000 JD

Treat that special someone with this beautifully packaged box is filled with a selection of candles, designed to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Whether you're looking to express your love on...

مزهرية خشبية

6.000 JD – 10.000 JD

Wood stripe vase perfect for bamboo and pampas. Pampas, Bamboo and glass vase are not included.

فرشاة إزالة الأوساخ للأظافر

1.750 JD

Soil can easily get under your fingernails if you're not wearing gloves. This mini brush will remove the dirt under fingernails.

إطار موس محفوظ

25.000 JD – 40.000 JD

A naturally preserved reindeer moss that doesn't require maintenance can liven up any interior space. This handcrafted piece will vary slightly from piece to piece. Keep it out of direct light—a great...

قطعة قماش للتنظيف من الألياف الدقيقة

3.000 JD

نظف أوراق نباتك بهذه المنشفة الناعمة المصنوعة من الألياف الدقيقة. الخامة:بوليستر.

فرشاة إزالة الغبار

7.000 JD5.000 JD

نفض الغبار عن نبتتك بسهولة. منفضة ألياف دقيقة غير منسوجة ، ناعمة على أوراق النبات.

حقيبة تخزين معلقة صغيرة

4.250 JD

Can be used to hand small, lightweight plants.Material: PolyesterHeight: 14cmWidth: 7cmLength: 15cm

مصنع أصل دبوس

2.000 JD1.450 JD

هدية مثالية لنفسك أو لأصدقائك لمحبي النباتات. 2 * 3 سم

سلة تخزين نباتية منسوجة

7.700 JD

Dressup your pot with this basket. Don't add soil directly into the basket. Height: 20CM  Diameter: 21CM

Red Apple Paint Colors

3.500 JD

Paint colors for hobbies and crafts offer vibrancy and a wide range of hues for painting, scrapbooking, and DIY projects. Get creative with these hobby and craft paints. Each pack contains...

Wooden Organizer Rack-holder

3.000 JD

Organize your books, plates and other items with this wooden rack. Length: 19CM Width: 11CM

Stainless Steel Hanger 1PCS

2.000 JD

Stainless Steel Hook Free Punching Double S-Shape Hook Kitchen Bathroom Cabinet Door. 1 PCS

Multifunctional Hooks

4.200 JD

Metal Hooks Under Cabinet Mug Storage Hooks Multifunctional Hooks Kitchen Utensil Ties Belts Scarf Hanging Rack Holder.

Wooden Card Holder

2.700 JD

1 Pcs wooden card holder. 8 x 1.5 CM

Self-Adhesive Anti-slip Strips 5PCS

1.500 JD

5 Pcs Self-Adhesive Anti-slip Strips 20 X 2 CM

Transparent Door Window Seal Strip

3.300 JD

Self-adhesive Weather Silicone Seal Tape: Use this weatherstrip seal tape to efficiently cool and heat your home in the winter and summer months. 4 Meters.

Cats Window Hammock

15.000 JD

Cat Window Perch offers your cat a high position. Leisurely sleeping on it, enjoys sunshine, weather and view of nature, give your cat a safe and comfortable sunny hammock seat.

Multifunction 4 Layer Storage

3.500 JD2.000 JD

The practical desk box can hold erasers, sticky notes, office needles and clips, pens and more. 9 X 20CM (1PCS)

Pet Water Fountain Round Filter 1PCS

3.000 JD

Filtering hair and residue and softening water using cotton, activated carbon, and an ion exchange resin, this filtering system gets better-tasting water while filtering out odors.Note: To prevent activated carbon...

USB Clip Lamp

3.500 JD

Warm-white LED Reading Light 360° Flexible Gooseneck USB Clip-on Desk Lamp. USB power adapter is not included.

Plastic Monstera Leaves (Artificial)

6.000 JD – 15.000 JD

Create a tropical look with thisartificial monstera leaves. Height: 60CM Width: 20CM Material: Plastic You can get it with or without a glass vase.

Natural Organic Loofah Sponge Full Size

3.500 JD

loofah is is made of natural growing organic loofah, making it non-toxic, skin-friendly, unbleached and non-chemical residue, 100% pure and natural. (1 PCS) Size Width: 15CM Height: 60 - 70...

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