As the seasons change outside, your plant care routine should change inside.
Follow these tips to help your indoor plants survive the cold winter months.


🚰 Water Less Frequently

Water only when necessary, check the soil before watering.

For most plants, you will want to wait until the potting soil has dried out completely before watering again. Always remove excess water.


🌡️ Consistent Temperature 

Keep your plants away from open windows and doors also heat sources such as heating ducts, radiators, and fireplaces. Keep the temperature above 15°C.


💡 Increase Light

Most plants will adjust to the seasonal change in their current spot, while others might need to be moved closer to their light source to receive more light.


🧹 Clean Regularly

Dust can reduce the amount of light getting to your houseplants.


🧃 No Fertilizing

Plants may not be actively growing throughout the winter.