The Fittonia is a small wonderful tropical houseplant that is great for tabletops, hanging baskets and terrariums as it's a low-growing creeper. This little drama queen will wilt when it's thirsty and will perk back up after you give it a drink. It will add a distinctive touch to your decor with the rich green leaves and bright pink, red, or white veins.

Other names: Nerve plant, Fittonia albivenis.


Thrives in bright-indirect sunlight, but can live in medium light (Indoor lighting). Avoid direct sunlight.

(If it's placed near a window, filter the sunlight with a sheer curtain if it gets too much hot sun to avoid leaf burn.)


Water it when the soil starts to dry. This plant likes to stay "little moist", but be careful not to over water as it can lead to root rot. Filtered water is recommended.


The Fittonia loves warmth and high humidity, you can mist it whenever the air is dry. Keep the air moist so the leaves look their best.


15-28°C - It's recommended to keep the temperature above 15ºC. Keep it away from drafts and cold areas.


This plant is pet-friendly!

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