Calatheas are eye-catching plants known for their boldly patterned foliage. In the evening, they turn their leaves up, and during daylight hours, they lower them. This behavior is why they’re lovingly referred to as Prayer Plants.

Calathea Plants: Prayer Plant (Maranta), Calathea Beauty Star, Calathea Dottie, Calathea Freddie ,Calathea Medallion, Calathea Misto, Calathea Musaica, Goeppertia orbifolia, Calathea Peacock, Calathea Pinstripe, Calathea Rattlesnake, Calathea Rosy Roseo, Calathea Vittata, Calathea White Flame, Calathea Zebra.


Calatheas thrive in medium to bright indirect light, but can tolerate low indirect light. Avoid direct sun.


Water when most of the soil is dry. Water until liquid flows through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and discard any water that has accumulated in the saucer. (Use Filtered Water)


Like many tropical indoor plants, your Calathea prefers a spot with high humidity. If leaf edges begin to curl or brown up, mist them with filtered water on a regular basis, or use a pebble tray, or place a humidifier nearby.


15-28ºC. Keep your Calathea away from hot and cold air drafts. This includes window breezes, heaters, and air conditioning.


Calatheas are pet-friendly! They are considered non-toxic, making them safe to keep around cats and dogs. However, the best practice is to keep houseplants out of reach of small children and curious pets just in case.

Do not use any shine products on the leaves, instead, clean leaves occasionally with a damp cloth.

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